Banc en bois de noyer Français massif. Designer : Markus Furniture à Nice, French Riviera

The "Fango" Bench

"I found the inspiration for this creation while on vacation in Corsica, with my feet in the water of the Fango River.
In front of me was a walnut tree, and behind, a beautiful pine forest.
This is the landscape that I modestly attempted to recreate.
The harshness and rusticity of the forest, facing the quiet peacefulness of the river. Close at hand…a dark pebble." - MarKus -
Here is the “Fango” Bench, conceived, designed, and created by MarKus.
It is a unique model, handcrafted and signed.
Made of 100% French walnut, it blends in with contemporary and traditional decors equally well.
The grandeur of its wood and its design will enrich discussions.
  • This creation is a one-of-kind piece.

    Designed, created & signed by MarKus.

    100% from French Walnut.


    Lenght :    83 Inches

    Width :      15 Inches

    Height :  16,5 Inches

    Finish :     Satin Vanish

    Weight :     60 Kg

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