The "Fango" Bench

"I found the inspiration for this creation while on vacation in Corsica, with my feet in the water of the Fango River.
In front of me was a walnut tree, and behind, a beautiful pine forest.
This is the landscape that I modestly attempted to recreate.
The harshness and rusticity of the forest, facing the quiet peacefulness of the river. Close at hand…a dark pebble." - MarKus -
Here is the “Fango” Bench, conceived, designed, and created by MarKus.
It is a unique model, handcrafted and signed.
Made of 100% French walnut, it blends in with contemporary and traditional decors equally well.
The grandeur of its wood and its design will enrich discussions.
  • This creation is a one-of-kind piece.

    Designed, created & signed by MarKus.

    100% from French Walnut.


    Lenght :    83 Inches

    Width :      15 Inches

    Height :  16,5 Inches

    Finish :     Satin Vanish

    Weight :     60 Kg

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