High "Cube" Table

High "Cube" Table

MarKus was inspired to revisit this table by a French designer from the 40s. Several table and chair prototypes were created before deciding on the final measurements.

This "Cube" table is a high table for 4 people. It was handcrafted out of French walnut.

It is signed by the designer.


" I wanted to create a "Cube" that differentiates itself through its proportions, and that attracts attention or calls on us to reflect.

The incrustation of the chairs into the table top is a step in this direction, as is the use of walnut, whose dark color perfectly outlines the contours "

- MarKus -


  • The model presented in picture is 100% handcrafted in French Walnut. It can be also done in Oak.


    Height :     43,3 Inches

    Length :    51,2 Inches

    Width :      51,2 Inches

    Approximative weigth : 80 Kg


    Please note: this table cannot be dismantled.  The measurements of your home (doors, windows, patio doors...) should be checked carefully before ordering.



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