Chaise haute en bois de noyer massif. Designer : MarKus Furniture à Nice, French Riviera

High "Cube" Chair

These bar chairs are part of the “Cube” collection.

MarKus wanted to obtain a linear and slender feel that was in perfect harmony with his “Cube” table.


" I wanted to create a "Cube" that differentiates itself through its proportions, and that attracts attention or calls on us to reflect.

The incrustation of the chairs into the table top is a step in this direction, as is the use of walnut, whose dark color perfectly outlines the contours " - MarKus -


These chairs are made by hand in accordance with professional standards, which make them unique; each one has its own personality.

  • Each chair is different, as evidenced by the varying position of MarKus’ signature or the choice of the black-stained wooden elements.


    Total Height :      43,3 Inches

    Seat Height :      30,8 Inches

    Width :      15,7* 15,7 Inches 

    Finish :          Satin Varnish

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