"Flogère" Bench

"Flogère" Bench

While visiting the "Hautes Alpes", MarKus discovered this oak board, half century old barn. A treasure.

MarKus wanted to keep it as he had found it, as to not denature it. Simply to play on the contrast between the old and the modern.


"For this creation, I worked as our elders did. All handmade without the use of modern machinery or even electricity. It was the perfect opportunity to bring out my old saws and planes."


After a few sketches, MarKus opted for an eight-foot inclined structure. He didn't wish to lighten the volume, as is often done today. On the contrary, he wished to maintain the mass.

Its slanting legs make its appearance change based on one's perspective. Thus, there is something for everyone.

  • Solid oak set with red Epoxy tint.

    - Thickness :                      2 Inches

    - Width :                     13,78 Inches

    - Length :                   47,25 Inches

    - Height :                    17,72 Inches

    - Finish :                     Satin Varnish

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