Tabouret sculpté en bois de Noyer massif. Tabouret design en bois de Noyer Massif. By French Designer : MarKus Furniture

"Elapse" Stool

This solid stool blends equally well into a warm environment or a minimalist environment. Combined with the elements of the "Elapse" collection, it will accentuate your living room's office area.

Made entirely by hand, MarKus wanted to transcribe the passing time ...


"My challenge was to find a way to give tangible form to the passage of time. The perfect flatness of the plateau that contrasts with the wavy sculpture of the flanks marks the progression of the present to the future." - MarKus -

  • MarKus offers this stool in oak or in walnut.


    - Height :     19,3 Inches

    - Length :    13,8 Inches

    - Width :        9,8 Inches

    - Weight :          9 Kg

    - Finish :       Satin Varnish

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