Tabouret design en bois massif. Design par Markus Furniture

"Confusion" Stool



This stool was made to match the "Confusion" coffe table, and create a harmonious set.

But a genuine objet d'art, it can be exhibited or remai discreet aqually well.

This stool was initially a prototype. But MarKus gave its structure, angles, and dimensions the green light straight away.

It is rare that a prototype doesn't undergo any modifications before being put on the market.


"This collection gave me great pleasure. It reminded me that sometimes it's good to see where the wind takes you. It's the result of a complete improvisation, built without plans or sketches" - MarKus -

  • MarKus used noble wood varieties for this stool.

    it is customizable, according to your taste or atmosphere of your living room. 100% walnut, 100% oak, or a mix othe two varieties (model shown in photo).

    It bears the artist's signature.


    Height :                17,3 Inches

    Width :               19,23 Inches

    Weight :                    5 Kg

    Finish :                Satin Vanich

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