Table basse pierre et bois Design par MarKus Furniture

"Confusion" Coffee Table


MarKus present an intuitive creation that combines stone and wood.
Its refined look, with a three-legged structure, gives it a decisive lightness in contrast with the massive stone. Its elongated silhouette makes it all the more elegant.
Conventional angles were not used in this creation so as to attract attention and provoke thought. The mixture of noble woods accentuates these interrogative feelings.
This table is signed, as are all unique markus pieces.
With a matching stool, this contemporary set will provide a particular character to your living room.


“I took such pleasure in designing it that I'm already planning to replicate the experience with a bar table.” - MarKus -


  • The stone is quarried from La Turbie in the hills above Nice. It has been refined and cut by hand.


    MarKus wanted to retain its untreated appearance. Its base was reinforced by three red metal feet reminiscent of the signature “M”.


    This table is composed of three noble wood varieties: French walnut (light), American walnut (Dark), and oak.


    Height :                         20,5 Inches

    Length :                        86,6 Inches

    Big Width :                   21,7 Inches            

    Minimum Space :     86,6 * 31,5 Inches

    Weight :                             40 Kg

    Finish :                         Satin Vanish

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