About MarKus

MarKus' calling has always been wood design.

But he started out in financial management at a private bank. This experience was enriching, and he met a lot of interesting people.

But the need to work with his hands became insistent. Creating, drawing, touching, injuring himself ...working for the pleasure of others ...​ At 42, MarKus changed course so as to devote himself entirely to his passion.

He is self-taught, working on instinct and whim. Deeply attached to his hometown, MarKus draws most of his creations at the café terraces of old Nice city.​

For MarKus, wood is a high-quality, precious material that must be honored and treated with respect.

He tries to make it speak through each of his creations.

MarKus is an intuitive and evolving designer; he is also the creator and publisher of his furniture, which is all made from solid wood.

"If my creations fuel conversations or cause people to reflect, then my work has been successful"

MarKus chose manual over industrial work. His approach allows him to be in permanent contact with wood. To see it, touch it, feel it ...

so many basic sensations which are conductive to inspiration and quality creations.

"Wood speaks ... to those who know how to hear it. A node, a vein, or a curvature is often the starting point of creation.

That's what gives it a unique artistic quality."

His studio is in the hills of Nice, his beloved city ...

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